Wealth Management & Financial Planning for Business Owners

Empowering Business Owners' Financial Success

We empower you to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship while securing your personal and business financial goals.

Financial Advisors for Business Owners

Securing Business and Personal Financial Success

Learn how we can help you grow your wealth and accelerate the process through effective financial strategies focused on your 
personal finances and goals.

Integrated Business and Personal Planning

Seamlessly align your business and personal financial goals. Our specialized approach ensures that your financial planning strategies reflect both your business's growth objectives and your personal aspirations.

Tax-Efficient Business Planning

We also specialize in tax-efficient business planning, helping you optimize deductions, credits and strategies to minimize tax liabilities.

Business Continuity and Succession Planning

Safeguard your business's future with comprehensive continuity and succession planning. Our advisors guide you in creating a solid plan to address business transitions, ensuring a smooth handover of operations.

Retirement and Exit Strategies

Plan for a prosperous retirement or successful business exit. We help you develop tailored exit strategies, whether you're considering selling your business, passing it on, or transitioning into retirement.

Why Greenway Wealth Advisory?

We are an experienced team of financial advisors. But what’s more important is that we really believe in talking about money in a simple, non-complicated manner and making sure we create a financial plan that works for you immediately.

We Help Build & Distribute Wealth

Our key areas of specialty are helping millennials build wealth and retirees distribute wealth following our tried and tested methodology.

Transparent Fee Structure

Experience financial clarity with our transparent fee-based approach. You can trust that our recommendations are driven by your goals, not by any hidden incentives.


We act in your best interest, plain and simple. Full transparency and no small print.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do business owners need specialized wealth management and financial planning services?

Business owners have unique financial needs, including business succession planning, tax optimization, and retirement strategies. Our services cater to these specific requirements to help you maximize both personal and business wealth.

What is the significance of integrating personal and business financial planning?

Integrating personal and business financial planning ensures that your personal financial goals align with your business objectives. This approach optimizes tax strategies, enhances wealth growth, and provides a holistic view of your financial future.

How can your services help me with business succession planning?

We offer strategic guidance on transferring your business to the next generation or a new owner. Our team assists with the valuation, structuring, and implementation of succession plans to secure the future of your business.

What role does tax planning play in wealth management for business owners?

Tax planning is crucial for optimizing your overall financial position. We develop tax-efficient strategies that consider both personal and business taxes, helping you retain more of your hard-earned wealth.

Can you help me plan for my retirement as a business owner?

Absolutely. We create tailored retirement plans that consider your business assets, investments, and other income sources. Our goal is to help you enjoy a comfortable retirement while ensuring the continued success of your business.

How do you address the financial complexities of business ownership?

Our experts analyze your business's financial health, identify areas of risk and opportunity, and provide comprehensive strategies to mitigate risks and enhance profitability.

What is the role of risk management in wealth management for business owners?

Business owners face unique risks tied to their businesses. We assess these risks and develop strategies to protect your personal and business assets, ensuring a secure financial future.

Do you provide investment advisory services for business owners?

Yes, we offer investment advisory services tailored to business owners' financial goals and risk tolerance. Our experienced advisors help you build and manage a diversified investment portfolio.

How can your services assist me in optimizing my business's financial performance?

Our team can analyze your business's financial statements, cash flow, and operational strategies. We then provide insights and recommendations to improve efficiency, profitability, and overall financial performance.

How can I get started with your wealth management and financial planning services for business owners?

To get started, schedule a FREE call to get an initial consultation and discuss your business and personal financial goals. This consultation will help us tailor our services to your unique needs.