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Teach Your Children about Money: A Guide for Every Age

How old was your child when they handed you your wallet for the first time? My daughter was two. She didn’t know what the wallet did, but she knew it belonged to Dad and he needed it to leave the house.

What NOT to Say to Your Children About Money

If you stick your head in the sand about money, the cycle is likely to repeat. If your kids hear you and your spouse argue about money, they may feel unsettled and vulnerable and in turn have a negative attitude towards money.

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3 Mistakes Parents Make When Teaching Their Kids About Money

Millennials are different from the generations before us in a few ways. For one, millennials are more highly educated than older generations, but earn less, have fewer assets and have less wealth than Boomers and Gen Xers at the same age. If we go a few generations back, only 26% of Baby Boomers faced financial instability.
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